Having a completed manuscript is just the beginning. You now need to find a publisher or agent in order to connect with your audience. More and more these days, authors succeed to the extent they are willing and capable of promoting their own work. Typically, this involves developing a website, blog and/or newsletter to build your “brand”—establishing your reputation as a “go-to” person in your chosen field. Through a combination of web presence and in-person talks, lectures, and workshops you continuously grow your e-list (of people who have opted in to receive emails or newsletters from you).

First, though, you need good promotional materials—e.g., your synopsis, key messages, and one-line slogan (elevator pitch). Agents, publishers, and editors are notoriously busy, and need to “get” your book in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Distilling the essence of hundreds of pages or thousands of words into a single page, paragraph, or sentence takes concentration and skill. I have created synopses and key messages for countless clients, and can help you craft a synopsis and messages that “sing.”

I can also help you find the right publisher, and then help you create buzz about you and your work—your web presence. 

As you would expect, the fees for editing, writing coach, and book marketing depend on the amount of work and creativity involved.