If you have a writing project and dream of publishing, I can work with you to make that dream a reality.

That’s what I do: I help people turn their ideas and stories into publishable books. If you have a manuscript you want to turn into a book, I encourage you to follow your vision.

First step, contact me. You will benefit from my years of experience as a professional editor. I will help you shape the flow and structure of your book, working closely with you until your writing “sings”—making sure it is clear, concise, and communicates exactly what you want to say.

Editing works best at three interrelated levels:

Copyediting: I read through your manuscript sentence by sentence, correcting or fine-tuning grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The main goal here: make the language as clear and as engaging as possible, while retaining the author’s style.

Structural editing: After copyediting, I read through the entire manuscript again, this time shifting attention from the “trees” to the “forest”—to get a feel for your book as a whole. I look to see if the chapters are arranged to build a “narrative curve” that takes readers smoothly from beginning to end, holding their attention along the way. I apply the same principles within each chapter as well, to ensure the most important messages are prominently presented.


Polishing & proofing: Once copyediting and structural editing are complete, I then go through the manuscript one more time, focusing on the finer details and make sure that any editorial gremlins that might have slipped by unnoticed are now taken care of.