Beyond Editing

When people hire me as an editor, I wholeheartedly do the job they assign—applying years of experience and skills editing books, magazines, and news articles to make their text shine.


However, when people want to improve their writing skills, they hire me as a writing coach. 

Working with me as a writing coach is a much more collaborative enterprise. As a coach, I don’t just edit your writing, I show you by example and explanation how to make your writing clearer, more concise, and engaging. I give you feedback (sometimes lots of feedback) so you can learn the art of writing and editing yourself.


I ask you questions to make sure both of us know exactly what you wish to communicate. When appropriate, I even assign homework to help you practice writing that develops and improves your manuscript.

Working with me as your writing coach, you will learn the “secrets” of good writing. Actually, there really are no secrets; just some basic principles that every successful author knows. I can teach you these principles, so you can dramatically increase the clarity and impact of your writing.


You will  benefit from my years teaching “Advanced Writing and Publishing” to university students.


As your writing coach, I don't just edit your book, I show you how to: 

  • Edit your own text.

  • Recognize and avoid “purple prose” (overly "rich" language that tries too hard).

  • Improve your writing by cutting out “fluff," eliminating redundant words or phrases.

  • Avoid passive sentences and, instead, write with dynamic, active, image-rich verbs.